Angels – Grace – Sin – The Devil – Rest – Jesus Christ

The Book of Hebrews fits many concepts together to further our understanding of the plan God has for us and how He has enabled it.  We do have some responsibility to carry out God’s plan for us.

Paul is talking to the Jews in this book and they are familiar with the teachings of the Old Testament and the prophecy of the one to come to be a ruler.

We will see how angels, rest, salvation, grace, sin, the devil and Jesus all have a hand in our carrying out God’s plan or preventing us from carrying out God’s plan.


Angels minister or they serve those who will inherit salvation. (Hebrews 1:14)

Angels worship Jesus.

Jesus came to die for the descendants of Abraham not angels.  Everyone who believes is a descendant of Abraham.

Jesus Christ

Jesus has been crowned with honor and glory.  (Hebrews 2:7)

Everything is under His subjection (Hebrews 2:8)

Jesus tasted death and destroyed the devil who  holds the power of death.

Jesus is our great high priest in heaven. He offered a sacrifice for our sins and intercedes for us in heaven. His sacrifice was death on the cross. (Hebrews 7:27 and 10:12)

He became man so that he could sympathize with us. (Hebrews 4:15)

Rebellion and Hardening the Heart

Unbelief is an evil heart.  It causes a falling away (to withdraw, to be absent) from God.

Embrace the voice of God when you hear it. 


Grace is favor that God gives to us.  It is not deserved. 

God heaped all of our punishment on Jesus when He was nailed to the cross.

We can find the grace we need when we go to the God with boldness or confidence, and reverence. (Hebrews 4:16)


Disobedience robs you of rest. (Hebrews 4:6)

Belief is the way to enter the rest we are promised.

When you hear the good news, believe and enter the rest.

The Good News

You are going to hear my interpretation of the good news.  The good news is the exchange Jesus made with us.  He took all of our sins, our curses, and our disease on the cross and gave us His righteousness.

He shed His blood to obliterate our sins so they would be unrecognizable to God. We no longer have to listen to the devil and his condemnation.  We are perfect in God’s sight. We don’t have to pay for our sins and we can enter heaven when we die because of the finished works of Jesus. 

Our works don’t earn us any brownie points with God. There is one way to be perfect in God’s sight.  That way is to believe Jesus died for you and was raised from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of God.  You believe with your heart.  Now you have to say with your mouth.