Why Was Jesus Born?

why was jesus bornWhy Was Jesus Born?

Let’s start from the beginning to find why Jesus was born.  The Bible says God created heaven and earth and the plants and the animals and everything.  This God in Hebrew is not a singular form.  This God is the plural form Elohim.

Right from the beginning we see that there is complexity.  So when it says "God said" it may mean that it was more like a chorus of Gods.  The three Gods said let there be light and there was light.

Even though there is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Christians only worship one God.

Then they created man and woman. They had dominion over the earth, Adam named the animals.  He worked the garden and didn’t sweat. Eve may have given birth before she the apple and it was painless.

They obeyed God and man had dominion over the earth.  Then in a split second Eve ate the apple while Adam was nearby.  Adam didn’t say a thing to the devil while he spoke to Eve.  Adam went along and ate of the apple also.

This is the downfall of the human race.  At this point man gave his authority and dominion to Satan.  It is not the way it was intended.

So God put a plan into action that would defeat Satan once and for all.  God with His sense of humor and His ability to use anyone to accomplish His will did so.  He used murders and prostitutes, he used deceivers and liars and He used kings and rulers to defeat Satan.

Virgin Birth Isaiah 7:14Why the virgin birth?

Let’s skip thousands of years of Biblical history. Fast forward to Joseph and Mary. Mary becomes pregnant as a virgin.

Why a virgin? Medical science says the blood of a child comes from the father.  To think about this Jesus was without sin.  We are born as sinners. We have the blood of Adam in us and therefore we have sin. Jesus was born with the seed of God who is without sin, who can’t sin and it is against His nature.

Jesus need to be born under the law and be circumcised on the eighth day to fulfill prophecy . Also the birth fulfilled other prophecies like Isaiah 7:14.

What was the mission of Jesus?

Why was Jesus born?  What was the point?  The Creator of all the universe loves each of us and He is our Heavenly Father.  God the Father wants to give us good things.  He wants us to have dominion and authority on earth right now.

So Jesus came to tell us about the Kingdom of Heaven and God the Father.  He came to teach us, to heal the sick, to give us peace, and to demonstrate love, to prepare others to spread the good news, to fulfill the law.

But the bigger reason is Jesus came was to suffer and die for us. I know it sounds crazy.   However, God is a righteous God and sin needs punished.  Since Adam we have been born sinners.

God needs to balance the books so to speak.  We put a little sin on one side of the book and the sin has to be paid for on the other side of the book.   God is the creator of justice.

Jesus was perfect every though he was 100% man and 100% God.  He was righteous and perfect all the time all the way.  Any other man couldn’t die to pay for our sins.  We just aren’t good enough.  We have sin and imperfections.

His death balances the books without us having to pay anything.  All of our sins are forgiven through His death.

His resurrection gives eternal life with God the Father and Jesus Christ in heaven.

This is grace.  Jesus has paid for every one of our sins so we can have a relationship with God.  Some may call it favor or blessings, but it is the good we get that we don’t deserve.

The Big Difference

Most religions can’t guarantee you what happens after death.  Most religions have a grave of some god or alter to some god or everything is god. Christianity has a living God that cares for us and doesn’t change and reveals His will for us to us.

We are a spirit with a soul living in a body.  Jesus has defeated death when He was raised from the dead.  When we believe in the works of Jesus and that He is our savior then, we are born again.  Our hope is in Jesus Christ.  Another words we get perfect spiritual DNA, we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us.

Christians don’t need to fear the future and we don’t need to fear an unknown unloving God that is out to get us.  Jesus was the replacement.  This is the good news that is almost too good to be true.

We need to make God first in everything we do and honor Him with our time, words, deeds and thoughts.  In addition, we love Him and talk to Him and listen to Him.

Why was Jesus born?  He loved us and demonstrated that love for us by dying for us.