Grace For Everyone

Here it is, I signed up for Google alerts for the word Christianity.  Most of what I see in the alerts are Christians being prosecuted here and around the world.  The other huge subject is the LGBT discussion.

Don’t be fooled by the title – keep reading.

First of all I don’t care about polls and about politics and I don’t care about opinions.  What matters is what God says.  

I believe that there are distinct periods in the Bible where the relationship between man and God changed.  God didn’t change but man did change.  First there was Adam and Eve without sin who walked in the Garden of Eden with God.  At first they didn’t know suffering or hardship.  Adam named the beasts of the field as he saw fit. He kept the garden and worked it. He was joined to Eve. Eve was his wife.

Then they violated a command given to them by God. Then God had to fix the problem of humans who didn’t pay attention to His rules, His laws.

So He fixed by having the first blood sacrifice and clothing them with animal skins. God showed HIs grace and mercy.  Then we progress to Abraham and His listening to God.  He was counted as righteous. “And he believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness.” Genesis 15:6

It wasn’t because Abraham was perfect that he was counted as righteous it was because he believed. Righteous means a standard set by God.  His standard is perfection.  We know Abraham wasn’t perfect but the grace of God made him perfect in His eyes.

Then there was the law given to Moses.  I read this account of the Jews leaving Egypt and all the miracles they had seen but they made a calf in the wilderness to worship, They didn’t believe in God for all they needed. Then the first Jews died in the wilderness.  I thought how stupid these Jews are in not trusting God to do what he says.  He performed miracle after miracle in Egypt and in the wilderness and still they didn’t trust God to take care of them.

Then God said to me you were also stupid and didn’t believe in Me after all I have done for you.  I didn’t believe He could or would help me at one time.  Now I trust Him for a great and wonderful plan for my life.  Sometimes I continue to do what I want, but I still trust Him.

Then Jesus came to give us peace and joy. Jesus Christ came to show us, to teach us, and to die for us.  He did not come to give us our lusts.  He didn’t come so that we could sin more and not have to pay the consequences.  

At one time in my life there was plenty of drinking, some drugs and sex before marriage.  I had to own up to all of that and ask God for forgiveness.

So people who believe in Jesus and that He died to pay for our sins and confess it, have been saved.  The problem is some still make a life of regulations and rules to live by and works that will earn favor with God.  That is not it.  We can not fulfill the law as only Jesus has done it.  So we should live by grace through faith.

That being said this is the part for which you are waiting.  

I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  However, the church should welcome everyone because none of us are perfect.  I go to a church where there are people who committed adultery, women who had abortions, criminals, couples who have lived and slept together before marriage, and a host of other sins.  We should show mercy and grace to all.  We don’t have to condone all the sins nor should we.  We should not condemn everyone who has sinned. 

God did not rank sins.  For whoever keeps the whole Law but stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of [breaking] all of it.  James 2:10

Everyone needs to hear about the grace and mercy of God.  What better place than to hear in church and to see it in practice.  Grace changes people.  People need to hear that God loves them and He has a wonderful life planned for them that eye has not seen and ear has not heard or mind has imagined.  

Parents love your children, Children love and obey your parents. Neighbors love your neighbors, brothers and sisters love each other. Love will cover a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8)

The dialog has to change.  LGBT community and the church needs to go back to their corners and come back out with a new approach.  The church shouldn’t compromise on their values and the church should show them some love and the LGBT community shouldn’t ask the Church to condone their lifestyle.  The lies, the name calling, the finger pointing, and the anecdotal evidence should quit..