Renew Your Mind

Renewing Your Mind

Renewing your mind is another way of saying build a strong, believing, innocent mind.  The term comes from the Bible in the New Testament.  It was an instruction to meditate on things that were true, good, and pure.

We find that many people throughout the ages  took universal principles and put them in an easy to understand sentence as well as remember.

We don't like to hear words like discipline or work or learn or study. However there is a part that we must play in having a better life, in achieving success, in growing spiritually.  If we just let life happen to us we will not end up where we dreamed of but we will end up far far away from our dreams.

How To Take Control Of Your Thoughts

Renewing mind can't be done unless you have control over your thoughts.  During the day you are talking to yourself about yourself.  Slow down and take notice what you are saying about yourself.  Write it down!  At the end of the day look at what you have said about yourself. You will be amazed.

The next day be intentional about what you say to yourself.  Write it down on a notcard and take it with you.  Write it down on post-it notes and put them in the bathroom, the car, the office on the screen.

Don't forget you didn't get this way by hearing something just once.  Someone may have said it once but you repeated it to yourself over and over again.

You have the right and responsibility to reject anything that is said that doesn't agree with your desired outcome. And you have the right and responsibility to believe anything that will move you closer to your desired outcome.

So look at some of the examples below or make up your own.



Words Can Kill Or Give Life - Your Choice

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See how you can change your mind to change your life.  This method will not require heavy lifting or Olympic sized mental gymnastics.

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