Faith Based Travel

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Faith Based Travel

Faith based travel is primarily used to accomplish either a tour of historic sites or to do mission work. Another purpose is for a retreat.  Let’s not forget about the children.  Many trips are planned for a day to amusement parks and other sites for youth groups.

Volunteer tourism is when a mission trip without a faith component is undertaken.  Sometimes it can be called voluntourism, volunteer vacations or service learning.

For Christians the travel for historic purposes is mainly centered on Israel and Rome. In 2017 it will be the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and Germany and Switzerland are making plans for the expected influx of travelers. Travelers will see how Martin Luther changed the world.

Faith based travel can be for large groups or just for a couple of people.  When planning the trip be sure to read about the local places and the culture and the food.

 What Are Your Motivations For Traveling?

If the travel is for a vacation to tour certain sites and to learn about the history of the Bible and to see where Moses and Jesus walked  then set some goals about some of the places you want to go.

If the travel is for mission trip then get know the goals and how you can help the local people.  I heard of mission trips where everyday the clothing that was worn the day before was given to the locals. The missionaries came back with luggage with no clothes.

Whether traveling for education or to serve, it is important to keep your eye on the prize.  The main reason is to glorify God.

That mission trip will let you show the love of Jesus to others.  The tourism trip will help you get closer to God.  If it is a trip to Israel it will bring the Bible alive and give greater meaning when reading the Bible.

 Preparing for the trip

First things first – get a passport if you are leaving the country.   For extra precaution, make a color copy of the information page of the passport and pack it with your luggage.  Keep the original passport on your person.

Electronics is an essential part of travel to keep in touch and to record the experience.  Charging those electronics can take a little planning.

The plugs are different in different countries so take along the correct adapters.  Also beware that countries use different voltages 110 or 220.  If the device is not dual voltage then a converter is needed to save the electronics from malfunctioning.

Don’t just assume that the device is dual voltage look in the owner’s manual or on the power cord or the transformer of the laptop.

Know the weather of your destination.  If passing over the equator remember that the seasons are switched.  Some destinations may never get warm enough for shorts or bathing suits.

Once You Get There

If you plan on using your cell phone, make sure that you aware of the roaming rates and have international dialing access enabled.   On your smartphone disable any applications that give regular updates.  Also disable the data enabled or the data roaming option.

Know about the food and water.  Is it best to drink bottled water?  Should you bring a filter?  Every culture can be experienced in the food and the tastes of the country.

Don’t forget tipping.  Know what the customs of the land is.  Tipping can be included as part of a tour.  If apart from the tour then you will be responsible for the gratuity.

Go For It

To have a successful trip for touring or for a mission includes prayer and planning.  Don’t forget we are to glorify God in all that we say and do think.

Do your research on climate, customs and food.   Prepare for differences in the way devices are charged.

Get your passport ready and walking shoes.  Prepare for inclement weather, for items to be lost and some unexpected expenses.